Single Pole

Arctech’s single pole structure is designed for fast installation and is suitable for projects that require dedicated engineering care. Special joints and adjustable connectors make Arctech’s single pole structure a flexible solution that can address different terrain characteristics with enhanced strength and reliability in order to face higher loads and related environmental challenges.


  • Standard product 4 high in landscape, customizable to other configurations (e.g., 2 high portrait, 1 high portrait)
  • Tilt angle up to 45 deg
  • Hot dip galvanized and pre-galvanized material
  • Fits nearly all commercially available modules
  • UL 2703 compliant
  • Available for wind speeds up to 150 mph
1-Diagonal Support 2-row Landscape Module Solutions


2-Diagonal Support 3-row Landscape Module Solutionsa-single-pole-2

Arctech’s single pole structure is also designed for dual land use. Combining solar energy production with agricultural activity is becoming a popular concept to maximize the use of available land.


Arctech addresses this need by offering a tailored product to investors that combines the advantages of the climate created under the PV panels and the electricity generate.

Single Concrete Pole Solutions


Dual Use of Agriculture Solutions