Arctracker’s clients appreciate our wide range of services tailored to meet their individual project requirements. We offer comprehensive engineering support, from project planning to commissioning and O&M guidance.

Site Survey

At the request of our customers, our engineers may visit the project site to check the technical feasibility of the project design and provide appropriate recommendations.

Technical Proposal

In-depth research is conducted for each project based on specific site requirements such as land profile, soil condition, array layout, inverters, and communications infrastructure. As a result, we offer an optimum design that meets our customer’s technical and commercial requirements.

Financial Analysis

At the request of our customers, we provide an in-depth financial analysis report and recommend the best design after comparing the economic return of different technical solutions.

Field Support

At the request of our customers, our engineers work together with construction teams at the project site, to ensure proper installation. This service is particularly beneficial for projects with trackers.


Our engineers normally provide on-site training for the operation of trackers. Training can also be conducted via Internet or tele-conferencing.

Responsiveness and
Problem Diagnosis

In the event there are any problems with our products, we will provide a rapid response, normally within 24 hours during working days. We will either diagnose the problem via the Internet or send engineers to solve the problem on-site.

Energy Simulation

At the request of our customers, we provide energy simulation and comparison specific to the actual site, to provide the best choice among our tracking and racking systems.